Rugby League er en noe hurtigere form for rugby som spilles med 13 spillere på hvert lag. In Norway, it was been played rugby league side 2009. After several years of good development, we Rugby League activity in large parts of the country. The following clubs offer Rugby League activity:

  • Tromsø Polar Bears
  • Bodø Barbarians
  • Sparbu Lumberjacks
  • Trondheim RK
  • Oslo Capitals
  • Lillestrøm Lions
  • Nannestad Norseman
  • Porsgrunn Pirates
  • Farsund Bobcats
  • Flekkefjord Tigers
  • Sandnes Raiders
  • Stavanger Storm

In addition to these clubs are working on the development of Rugby League activity in Haugesund and Central Troms.

Rugby League 13s season 2019 starter 27.04 with a national series. Final played between 1. og 2. ground game this fall. The following clubs deltart in 13s season 2019:

  • Trondheim RK
  • Lillestrøm Lions
  • Oslo Capitols
  • Porsgrunn Pirates
  • Sandnes Raiders
  • Stavanger Storm

The remaining clubs will 2019 attend 9s tournaments.

Vinnere av Eliteserien:

  • 2010 Oslo Capitols defeated Lillestrøm Lions
  • 2011 Tromso Polar Bears won the Wood town Broncos
  • 2012 Oslo Capitals won over Bodø Barbarians
  • 2013 Oslo Capitals won over Bodø Barbarians
  • 2014 Oslo Capitals won over Flekkefjord Tigers
  • 2015 Bodø Barbarians won over Tile Town / Trondheim
  • 2016 Trondheim Rugby Club won over Bodø Barbarians
  • 2017 Stavanger Storm won over Porsgrunn Pirates
  • 2018 Stavanger Storm won over Trondheim RK

Norges Rugby League internationals are per December 2018 ranked number 20 in the world, and will in May 2019 Play Championship final in division C against Greece. With victory here will team entered the last lap in qualifying at the World Cup 2021 i England.

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